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Anglo Egyptian Condominium Agreement of 1899

The Anglo-Egyptian Condominium Agreement of 1899 is a significant historical event in the relationship between Egypt and Great Britain. The agreement, which lasted for over fifty years, allowed both countries to jointly govern Sudan.

The agreement was signed on January 19, 1899, by Lord Cromer, the British Consul-General in Egypt, and Sheikh Muhammad al-Din al-Fath, the Egyptian representative. The purpose of the agreement was to end a longstanding dispute between the two countries over the control of Sudan.

Under the agreement, Egypt would be responsible for the administration of Sudan, while Great Britain would provide military support and assist in the country`s economic development. Both countries would have equal representation in the government, and decisions would be made jointly.

One of the most notable features of the agreement was the creation of the Condominium, a joint administration that would govern Sudan. The Condominium was made up of British and Egyptian officials who worked together to govern the country.

The agreement was not without its challenges, however. There were frequent disagreements between the two governments, and it was often difficult to reach a consensus on important decisions. Additionally, the agreement was criticized by many Sudanese who felt that they had no say in their own government.

Despite these challenges, the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium Agreement of 1899 remained in place for over fifty years, until Sudan gained its independence in 1956. Today, the agreement is viewed as an important step in the development of modern Sudan and in the relationship between Egypt and Great Britain.

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